Portrait of Raden Syarif Bustaman Saleh

Portrait of Raden Syarif Bustaman Saleh
canvas, h 106.7cm × w 85.3cm
Pelukis: Friedrich Carl Albert Schreuel, c. 1840 AD

Source : rijksmuseum.nl,

rijksmuseum.nl, Shelfmark : SK-A-4703

rijksmuseum.nl, Shelfmark : SK-A-4703

Portret van de schilder Raden Sarief Bastaman Saleh, zittend voor een schilderij van een zeegezicht met palet, penselen en schildersstok in de hand.

A descendant of a Javanese aristocratic family, as the title Raden indicates, Saleh came to the Netherlands in 1829 to study painting. He appears here as a European dandy, seated before a Western seascape. Soon, how-ever, he specialized in exotic scenes and began dressing as an oriental prince. Back on Java (1851), Raden Saleh built a Gothic Revival palace and socialized with the European elite, flitting between his Javanese and European identity.


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