Charter issued by king Rājendra Chola I (Leiden Charter)

Leiden Charter of the Chola King Kulottunga

source : socrates.leidenuniv.nlEpigraphia Indica vol 22Das Kornel,

thanks to Eko Prasetyo (grup fb The Lost History of Nusantara) atas link-linknya 🙂

Or. 1687

Or. 1687


The Seal

The Seal, Temple, & Statue

The Larger Leiden Plates of RajaRaja I

Leiden Charter-28

Leiden Charter-29

Leiden Charter-34

Leiden Charter-35

Leiden Charter-38

Leiden Charter-39

Leiden Charter-42

Leiden Charter-43

Leiden Charter-46

Leiden Charter-47

Leiden Charter-50

Leiden Charter-51

Leiden Charter-54

Leiden Charter-55

The Smaller Leiden Plates of Kulottunga I

Leiden Charter-80

Leiden Charter-81



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