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Release : Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions acquired the distribution rights of the film for the U.S., and revised the music score and had the title changed to The Raid: Redemption. Distribution rights for other countries have also sold, including Alliance (Canada), Momentum (United Kingdom), Madman (Australia), SND (France), Kadokawa (Japan), Koch (Germany), HGC (China), and Calinos (Turkey). Deals have also been made with distributors from Russia, Scandinavia, Benelux, Iceland, Italy, Latin America, Korea and India during the film screening at the TIFF.


FILM REVIEW 1 (Canada)
Just when you thought the book couldn’t be rewritten . . ., 3 October 2011

Author: Coolestmovies from Canada

NOTE: Early, gushing reviews from TIFF Midnight Madness presentations should not generally be trusted, as many fest-goers are unable to separate the film from the experience, and formal critical consensus often sends most Midnight films into obscurity. Thankfully, THE RAID earns its stripes and deserves its praise, and stands firmly above the typically overeager reactions heaped on many other films screened in the Midnight program this year and in years past.

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In the future, when someone tells you a movie is wall-to-wall martial arts and gunplay, you should have no choice but to ask them how it rates against this picture, which has so much gunfire and brutal martial arts action — all of it meticulously choreographed in ways more refreshing than I’d ever have thought possible in this world of peak-performance Donnie Yens and Tony Jaas — that I very nearly lost the hearing in my right ear, in no small part thanks to the tendency of TIFF sluggos to mistake volume for quality when adjusting their sound levels in an aged, less-than–acoustically-ideal theatre. Continue reading