Charter issued by king Rājendra Chola I (Leiden Charter)

Leiden Charter of the Chola King Kulottunga

source : socrates.leidenuniv.nlEpigraphia Indica vol 22Das Kornel,

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Or. 1687

Or. 1687


The Seal

The Seal, Temple, & Statue

The Larger Leiden Plates of RajaRaja I

Leiden Charter-28

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Dharmakirtisri (Serlingpa)

Atisha & Dharmakirtisri (Serlingpa)

source :
original title : In honor of Atisha, once and now

It is a question only few people pose: how would Tibet look like today without Atisha?
Most likely Buddhism would have vanished from the hearts of the Tibetan people, monks would not have known what and how to teach, monasteries would have lost their purpose. There would have been no teaching of the Lam Rim, as the gradual path to enlightenment is called, there would be no understanding of Bodhichitta ( enlightened mind) as the gate to the truth, no preservation of so many holy scripts, which were lost in India, but saved in Tibet and later spread around the globe. Tsongkapa would have had no basis for his great reforms and the founding of the Gelug sect with a Dalai Lama as its head. There would be no driving force, who over the last decades has brought Atisha’s message to the rest of the world.

From India Atisha had come to Tibet. One thousand years later, Atisha comes from Tibet to the world. Atisha meditation centers, many led by Tibetan monks are opening up all over the West and East and in memory of him, some groups even use the name of Serlingpa, whom Atisha called one of his greatest teachers.

Who was Atisha ? Who was Serlingpa ? Both were born towards the end of 10th century.
Serlingpa was an offspring of the Srivijaya Dynasty, which had its roots in the Island of Java, but moved its seat to the Island of Sumatra and influenced for centuries the culture and religion of large parts of Southeastasia. Serlingpa’s Sanskrit name was Dharmakirtisri. Continue reading